The reality we live in today has most of our data stored, managed and monetized by a small, powerful, exclusive club of companies. Many of us have been slow to recognize the degree to which we have compromised our digital rights, our very freedom.

While there is now a growing consensus that this situation must be remedied, alternatives, both of a commercial and technical nature are left wanting – as well as an ongoing lack of regulation.

In enabling your own personal devices to provide services, we at Refinio are convinced that we offer a legitimate, secure alternative to the current data management and storage offerings. This offers not only the ability to selectively, freely share our data of choice, it also restores the balance in favor of respecting our own data ownership and control.

We believe the time is ripe to leverage the inherent abilities of today’s technology, and to offer individuals and companies access to a secure, decentralized solution.

Our mission is to deliver the software foundation for a secure, decentralized, data protecting solution, upon which we can all build and deploy our applications of choice.