opening a new chapter in software architecture

Create communities of people, and of their devices, stay in touch with yourself, use all your computers at once, zero effort deployment, zero effort onboarding, stay in touch with: customers, markets, friends, family, accountants, lawyers, doctors, patients. No barriers to entry, ONE runs in browsers too, a QR code is all it takes!

Discover services and connect by interest. Connect with people who like what you like, anonymously, buy stuff from them, sell to them, hire them, work for them, chat with them, ask them out for a drink share data securely.

Own your identity. Own your keys. Own our software. Store your data redundantly. And keep it forever. No more backups.

Own your services with full transparency. Have full audit capability. Local data, local code, the best defense is not being there!

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REFINIO ONE is the first ubiquitously available meta database delivering the FDM (Federated Data Management) foundation providing the same runtime environment on servers, on PCs, in browsers, and on mobile and embedded devices for any software application requiring communication and storage.

ONE uses structured data markup with embedded software, offering a maximum of freedom, privacy and independence while organizing and storing data.


FDM Federated Data Management extends the concept of the Blockchain to individual data and software.

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