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one (Defense Covid:19)

In the context of the study "DEfenceCOVID-19", we developed an application, which allows doctors and scientists to anonymously run and evaluate clinical studies. This application is built on our software: Refinio ONE. The unique thing about ONE is that all data and events stay with the user. The collected data only gets shared with other users, if the user explicitly grants access.

Compatibility is a Progressive Web App (PWA): It runs in Google Chrome and Apple Safari (and on IOS as a Save-to-Homescreen-App). You can run the app on a smartphone, tablet, PC or Laptop.

Data privacy and private sphere

As a patient, you don't have to sacrifice your privacy – your data is being collected anonymously.


You login with your eMail address and a self chosen password. Password and eMail will not be shared with the study centre – so don't lose it! With your approval of the terms and conditions, you now anonymously take part in the study.

Use is a website. Our software "ONE" is embedded in the website and allows you to partake in the study "DEfenseCOVID-19". For the study, the questionnaire and your answers will be saved in ONE and automatically shared with the server of the Frauenklinik university hospital Erlangen. Our Software ONE will be accessible to you anytime, anywhere, free of charge. You can also pass the software on to others – via URL. All your devices that run ONE, become a unity, that can be used together. We call this symbiosis the Internet of Me (IoM). In order to keep your data after the study, you can integrate (for example) into your IoM, so you can save your data regardless of the study, under your control.

Key features

- safe, intuitive app to collect data for a national registry study
- individual processing of digital health data, concerning Covid and cancer illnesses.
- providing questionnaires for monitoring and evaluating symptoms.

Goal: establishing the first Covid register

Team: 7 software developers, 4 doctors, 1 program office, 1 designer, 3 cats, 45 rhetorical devices

Established: since march 2020

Working on:,,,